Kompasset is a shelter for homeless migrants. 

The users are primarily EU-citizens, who use their right to freedom of movement in the European Union to come to Denmark to look for a job and a better life. They do not have access to public services and hit several barriers when trying to integrate into the Danish job market and society. This causes frustration and social marginalization. Kompasset aims to reduce this misfortune by providing care and by supporting the migrants in navigating the Danish society.

The user group is without Danish registration (e.g. CPR or refugee number) but are entitled to be here - either as jobseekers or on tourist visa.


You can volunteer in many different ways at Kompasset:

  • Join the bike repair workshop every wednesday

  • Offer good chats and a comforting shoulder in the daytime shelter

  • Become a trained counsellor or mentor

  • Accompany users to authorities

  • Support our danish language class every monday


Stability, dedication and patience are key for volunteering. 

Kompasset has a dedicated crew of around 25 volunteers - some are MA-students in Global Refugee Studies or Law, others are jobseekers, retired social workers, journalists and expats. Usually volunteers have 1-2 shifts every or every other week. 



If you want to join as a volunteer or if you have any questions, just send an email or call Kompasset's volunteer coordinator Annemette Nyfos at a.nyfos@kirkenskorshaer.dk or +45 2151 0741. 



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