For Associations - Become a part of our network

As an association, you can collaborate with the volunteer center and help to develop and strengthen voluntariness or try out new methods and concepts that will strengthen the voluntary involvement in your association and association life in general. Our work and projects are always based on specific needs and issues we meet through dialogue and collaboration with associations, and we are therefore always looking for new partners.

The projects and the collaboration can include:

Method development of voluntary initiatives

The volunteer center works purposefully to develop and qualify new methods. It can, for example, be about good welcome and inclusion in associations, about the development of good collaborations across sectors, and about how we can engage people with different needs and qualifications in voluntary work. Right now, we are working, among other things, to try out different forms of organization that will pave the way for more people with disabilities to participate in voluntary work.

Recruitment and organization of volunteers

The volunteer center continuously develops and try out concepts for recruiting and organizing volunteers, which match the needs of associations with the demands we experience among potential volunteers. Among other things, the volunteer center has developed a concept for recruiting and organizing young volunteers, which is based on the fact that many young people demand flexibility and short-term volunteer tasks, while many associations demand continuous and stable volunteers – this concept is called group volunteering.

Building new cross-sectoral collaborations

The volunteer center has a broad network among educational institutions, municipal actors and companies who want to collaborate with civil society actors and support the voluntary involvement in the local area. Our work is partly about what it takes to develop good and sustainable collaborations, how similarities and differences between different types of organizations are taken into account, and how we ensure greater knowledge across sectors.

The volunteer center regularly gets in contact with both individuals, educational institutions and companies who want to make a difference in the Copenhagen associations, just as we regularly get to know about different collaboration opportunities across local associations. We would like to expand our knowledge and network to relevant associations that we can refer to in these contexts, and we have therefore made a questionnaire for associations. By filling out the form, your association will become part of the volunteer center's network, and based on the information you fill in, we will contact you if relevant collaboration opportunities arise or we are in contact with potential new volunteers.

If you have ideas for new ways of organizing volunteers, do you want to collaborate with a company or municipality, or do you want to develop a new project together with the volunteer center, you are very welcome to contact us.​​​