GreenKayak is an NGO and the first GreenKayak was launched at Kayak Republic, which aims to create a cleaner Copenhagen Harbor. With this initiative, they want to focus on Copenhagen Harbor’s environmental challenges and encourage Danes and tourists to show greater responsibility for the waste they produce. Through co-operation and information, GreenKayak will create a platform and be the initiator of environmental improvements in Copenhagen Harbor.


By borrowing a GreenKayak you have the opportunity to enjoy a trip to Copenhagen harbor in kayak while supporting a good purpose. The staff of GreenKayak will check the collected waste to become more aware of waste types and quantities and share experiences with other interested parties. We hope that with this initiative we can initiate a number of initiatives that embrace wide and make Copenhagen Harbor an even better place to explore and reside.



GreenKayak is physical kayaks that can be borrowed free of charge for up to two hours if they also undertake to collect waste on their trip through the waterway or the canals, and distribute photos or video clips from the trip.


A contract must be signed for compliance with the requirements and understanding of the purpose of GreenKayak. The kayak appears different from other kayaks that can be rented to draw attention to the message of the GreenKayak and inspire others to ensure a cleaner harbor.

GreenKayaks hold two people. They’re stable and they’re safe – you don’t need to have kayaked before to take one out – and we give you lifejackets and all the other gear you need to paddle and pick up waste.


If you want to volunteer and help collect waste, you can book the GreenKayak at their website.


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