UngEnergi is VedvarendeEnergi’s youth department. They are a network of young activists and professionals who work to bring together a whole generation to stop climate change and work together for a sustainable world. 


Their mission is to encourage young people to live more sustainable in their daily life and influence their community positively as well. UngEnergi København is creating projects and organising events around climate change and sustainability in the Copenhagen area in a different way than other organisations. 


They bring a fresh approach to the topic of sustainability, and in our events and workshops, we are providing tools and tips to act and generate change in participants’ life towards a sustainable future.



UngEnergi is presented in all the major events, festivals, exhibitions, and fairs in the Copenhagen area, where they are inspiring young people to take action to create a better and greener world.


You can volunteer in a wide range of volunteer tasks. UngEnergi is for you who wants to be part of positive change, participate or create cool events or just fight for sustainability. 


UngEnergi is focusing on young-to-young communication targeting young people between 15 and 35 years.

It doesn’t require any specific skills or qualifications to volunteer.



If you want to become a volunteer in UngEnergi you can send them an email at ungenergi-KBH@ve.dk