Red Cross Copenhagen


Red Cross Denmark is a humanitarian organization with more than 200 local departments including Red Cross Copenhagen.

Red Cross Copenhagen’s voluntary social work is based on humanity. Their ambition is for socially marginalized people in Copenhagen to have the opportunity to be a part of the communities they want. People shall have the support they need - especially in the difficult transitions in life where the resources are particularly scarce.


In Red Cross Copenhagen you can volunteer in different tasks:


Red Cross Copenhagen runs 16 shops with second hand clothing around the capital. 

One shop sells children’s clothing, other shops (Fremtiden and Frygtløs) specifically focus on selling youth clothing and young volunteers run the shops. At the Red Cross Megastores furniture and utility items are sold. 


You will have various tasks as a volunteer such as customer service, sorting clothes, ironing, window decoration or minor cleaning. As a volunteer in a shop you have a shift at least four hours a week. You will receive thorough training and courses, and you will be invited to exciting events and have many committed colleagues. The work is unpaid and organized in cooperation with the other volunteers. 


Find the locations of the shops online at their website.



In this activity they help people who are about to move from the streets, to furnish their new home. It's a big day when vulnerable citizens move into their own homes, but the joy gets even bigger if it’s furnished. Unfortunately, homeless people or citizens moving from a treatment facility or shelter often do not have the resources to buy furniture. Therefore, these citizens are very grateful to receive pre-owned furnishings. 



The care center is a temporary residence for homeless adults who have been discharged after hospitalization, but have not yet fully recovered after completing somatic hospital treatment. The center also accommodates homeless people who have been subjected to an accident or incurred a serious physical illness, and need rest in order to recover completely. As a volunteer, you help patients as they recover. The support is in the form of both care, 

conversation and treatment. The center seeks volunteers who can be on duty during the day and/or evening, as well as on weekends. Prerequisites: As a volunteer at the care center, you have a desire to help people with different backgrounds. Your professional background is subordinate. Most importantly, you are tolerant and have a positive mindset. 



In Family Group families are introduced to other families and come together to enjoy a meal and do different activities for both young and old family members. We offer a nice homely setting for the families to be together and for children to meet new playmates. As a volunteer you support the families by participating in the activities and contribute to make a cozy and nice atmosphere. It is important that you want to be a part of the activities (e.g. playing board games, do creative activates, dancing) and that you are favorably disposed to the activities and optimistic.



The bicycle is the ideal mode of transportation when getting around in Copenhagen. However, not many cultures have the same tradition of biking as the Danes. Therefore, the Red Cross Copenhagen branch offers bicycle training for adults with a non-Danish background. Here the participants learn to ride a bicycle in a safe and closed environment before they enter the traffic. Being able to ride a bicycle can be very empowering. It may be a good ability to possess in order to acquire certain jobs in Copenhagen, e.g. in the home care service. As a volunteer, you will teach balance, maneuverability, traffic rules and basic maintenance of the bike. Bicycle training is free of charge and is offered at various locations, 2 hours each weekend. The training takes place from March to October with a short break during the summer holidays. You will join a group of volunteers in a particular district of the capital and you are welcome to volunteer with a friend or a family member. Prerequisites as a volunteer: You can ride a bicycle, you have an interest in communicating and have a good deal of patience. You do not need any specific professional background, but it is an advantage if you are pedagogically minded. In addition, you must be prepared to volunteer a couple of hours at least every other week.


If you want to volunteer in Red Cross Copenhagen, you can send an email to or give them a call at +45 38 33 64 00. When sending an email, they will appreciate it if you tell them a bit about your motivation for volunteering and perhaps what activities you find interesting.