Café Sweet Surrender


Café Sweet Surrender is a children friendly, non-profit café that wants to give all its visitors a break from the turmoil of everyday life by serving high-standard coffee and tea, affordable and proper meals and a warm smile.

70% of the profit made and all their tips are sent directly to a worthy cause. Over the course of time Café Sweet Surrender has donated all its profit to organisations that help people in a more direct way than they can. If you want to see who has benefited from their support, you can find a list at their website.


At Café Sweet Surrender they are totally dependent on their group of volunteers and the time and effort they put into the project. Therefore they always welcome anybody who wants to pitch in. There is almost no limit in how you can contribute. From managing their instagram profile to cleaning the bathrooms - just to mention two.

The more common tasks are described here:

Bar & Kitchen

If you like to cook and be in the kitchen there is plenty of opportunity to become a part of their kitchen team. What counts is your passion - they will gladly help you improve your skills.


If you like to smile and interact in a positive way with their customers, they would like to welcome you behind the bar. They will teach you to make an excellent cup of coffee and show you what temperature is the best for the different kinds of teas. Besides that, you will need to handle the cashier, serve the food and clean the tables. It’s an easy job, but it is a lot of fun.


Café events

If you know your way around sound and light, and can help arrange small concerts and events, you are a perfect match for their Music & Event team.

They offer special activities for kids several times a week, and with your help they can keep it up – or even turn it up a notch. They make crafts, read stories and generally give the visiting kids and their parents a good time.


A good accountant never makes mistrakes... and that is why they need you on the team. What can be a painful and devastating task to some, is a dance on a sunny flower filled field. Because you are best friends with numbers!

You thrive getting salaries and taxes right. Preparing an economic document gives you a great feeling as eating a freshly made cupcake. And if you can improve our processes by telling the rest of us how to be like you … well it would be a shame not to have you on-board.


Support & Fundraising

As part of this group you will find NGO’s or causes that will get the surplus from their work. What better way to spend your time! When you are not giving money to good causes, you will try to raise funding and accelerate business at Café Sweet Surrender... so that they can give more money away.


Would you like to volunteer at Café Sweet Surrender, send an email to David Kyhn at for an informal conversation over a cup of coffee.