One Bowl


One Bowl makes dinner for people of all backgrounds, irrespective of economic status/stability. Through generosity they want to establish a safe space for everyone and they encourage love, generosity and equality through community life. They aim at resolving issues like food insecurity, loneliness and social exclusion.


At One Bowl you can be a part of three teams in the kitchen, or you can help with PR, Events/Catering, Volunteer coordination or fundraising.


Kitchen Team

The Kitchen Team is for you who love cooking, learning new recipes, and being a helping hand in the kitchen. 


Hosting Team

The Hosting/Serving Team is for you who love making people feel at home, smiling and spreading joy, and decorating tables.


Volunteer Cook

Being a volunteer cook is for you who love cooking, creating menus and who have experience of cooking for more than 30 people. You might be a passionate foodie, a food blogger or a retired chef looking to make a difference. 

Other tasks:

At One Bowl they also have tasks in: PR, Events/Catering, Volunteer coordination, fundraising, graphic design, marketing etc. Contact One Bowl to hear more about these more specific tasks.



If you want to join the team, you can sign up at their website where you cross off what activity/activities you want to volunteer in.


If you have any questions about volunteering at One Bowl, you can send them an email at or give them a call at +45 93 86 63 23.


Borups Allé 205, 2400 København.