IFEL Specialsport


IFEL Specialsport is a voluntary NGO that builds a bridge between children and young people with special needs and the sports association life, so that everyone has the opportunity to play sports and become part of a community. They do this by advising families on what sports opportunities their children have, while at the same time guiding the association life in how to build the best possible training up to exactly this target group.


In IFEL Specialsport you can volunteer in different tasks:

Assistant Coach

Are you passionate about communicating your commitment and joy for sport to children and young people with special needs, then you can become an assistant coach in YOUR sport. 



Lack of transportation is one of the biggest barriers for children with disabilities and sports. If you have 3-4 hours a week to give as a companion, you can help the child get to and from their sport and you will make a world of difference. 



If you like chasing the perfect shot, where the feeling of the picture tells everything, you can volunteer as a photographer. IFEL Specialsport have the wildest equipment, but they need someone to operate it. When you have time, desire and possibility.



If you love to establish and analyze data, you can become a researcher at IFEL Specialsport. They have a thousand things they would like to know more about, but they need someone to design, investigate and analyze.


Wordpress designer

IFEL Specialsport has control of the daily website handling, but sometimes it just gets too complicated… And sometimes they just need somebody that wants to give their website a makeover. You can become their once-in-a-while and back-up person.

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If you want to volunteer in IFEL Specialsport, just send an email to info@specialsport.dk where you tell a bit about yourself. They will contact you afterwards and invite you to an introduction/interview where you hear more about the organization and they help you find the perfect volunteer job for you in the organization.

If you have any questions regarding volunteering in IFEL Specialsport, you can send an email at info@specialsport.dk or give them a call at +45 61 70 30 60.

Their website is in Danish, but they also communicate in English in-house and they have many non-danish speaking volunteers.