BRUS consist of four venues around the city (Basement, Råhuset, Underwerket, Stairway). You now have the chance to join a strong team of volunteers at BRUS, where they make room for underground touring bands, alternative music collectives and diverse cultural events at our venues in Copenhagen. They collaborate closely with external cultural organizers to contribute to the creation and expansion of a very unique scene of communities, creative collectives and artists.



When volunteering at BRUS you’ll get unique concert experience behind the bar, but also free entre to all our events when off the clock, great discounts in all our bars and social events for everyone in their team. They are looking for new volunteers who are at least 18 years old, are able to take at least two shifts pr. month and can be described as a trustworthy person with an open mind regarding culture, music and people.


You are the face of the venue! You need to enjoy talking to new people, you are a problem solver and can keep a cool head when it is really busy. Your shift starts with a briefing from the venue manager (afvikler) and the team will decide who will work in the entrance and who will work behind the bar. While taking the responsibility for your position we expect you to be pro-active in helping out in other areas, such as guiding guests, collecting empty bottles, doing light cleaning etc. 


Light Technician/Stagehand 

You start the shift early, and meet with the sound engineer and help the band with load-in and stage setup. During the concert you'll assist our technician with stagelights and change-over. You don’t need to be an expert as our skilled house technicians will get you started and assist you when needed. 


Photographer/SoMe content creator 

You will not only have the opportunity to immortalize some completely unique concerts, but must, in collaboration with our communications manager, shape the content on our SoMe profiles. You will need your own photo-equipment and arrive before the concert starts. 

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If you find it interesting to volunteer at BRUS, don't hesitate to send an e-mail to their volunteer coordinator at