Vores asylbørn (Our asylum children)


Our Asylum Children is a voluntary association which offers free contact persons, legal advice and family treatment for asylum-seeking children and their families. In addition, the association looks after the asylum children's political interests, such as ensuring them better rights to education. The association is growing all the time as more and more children get stuck in the asylum system and therefore the association struggles to keep up with the demand and at present finds itself forced to reject children who need support due to lack of resources.



You can engage in different volunteer tasks/teams:

Contact person: 

As a contact person you have the tasks of acting as a caregiver for the asylum children throughout the asylum process. The tasks range widely from homework help to meetings etc. As a contact person, you will be associated with one child/family. In the case of particularly vulnerable children/families, there will be several contact persons per child/family.

Legal team:

The legal provides advice and representation in asylum and residence cases. As a caseworker, you will collaborate with many different actors, including the immigration authorities, immigration law lawyers, municipalities, asylum centres, etc. In addition, you will undergo a longer training course, so that in the long run you are able to handle your own cases.


PR Team:

The PR Team has the important task of telling about asylum children's living conditions and destinies on our Facebook, website and via our newsletter. You will be in contact with the asylum children and families who have collaborated with Our Asylum Children via the contact person team and/or the legal team. In addition, you will be involved in organising political campaigns aimed at promoting the well-being and development of asylum children in Denmark.


If the volunteering tasks above has piqued your interest, write a maximum of one page about your motivation and desired area of work in the association and send it to kontakt@voresasylboern.dk.